Consultancy Service

To provide practical solutions to governance and management problems of non-profit organizations


To facilitate exchange of good governance experience and knowledge through seminars and workshops


To conduct research on governance and management of non-profit organizations in Hong Kong


To promote public understanding of excellence in governance


Board capacity building Recruitment and orientation of new members
Training on governance best practices in leadership, stewardship and ambassadorship
Facilitation of strategic planning and related discussions
Governance review and recommendations
Board-management relationship Advice on principles of engagement and mission alignment between board and management
Senior management succession (including recruitment and assessment)
Senior executive coaching, with special emphasis on governance duties
Facilitation of retreat/workshop
Risk management Risk and vulnerability audit
Advice on risk management framework and crisis preparedness


Financial capacity and capability

For details, see F.A.S.T.
Advice on financial oversight and sustainability 
Training on practical financial knowhow for board and senior management
Outsourcing service for internal audit 
Organization assessment Advisory service for organization performance and organization health assessment


Value adding consultancy services Outsourcing service on crisis management, public engagement, branding, publicity and promotion

GAME provides customized service to organizations in addition to the major service areas above.