Good governance is essential for non-profit organizations to fulfill their mission and advance the public good.

An organization without good governance is like a ship without a rudder. It will not be able to focus on its mission. Nor will it be able to achieve its goals effectively. It may even fall into a crisis of reputation, compliance or finance. We believe a clear governance approach, organizational transparency and accountability are fundamental to good governance.

Promoting good and effective governance among non-profit organizations, GAME is a social enterprise founded in 2017 to provide consultancy services to non-profit organizations. It aims at bettering their development, helping them achieve their social, environmental and economic efficiency.

Our belief :

• We believe in the strength and impact of Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs)
• Good governance and leadership are important for NPOs to fulfill its mission and advance the public good

Our strength :

• Integration of users experience with professional know-how
• Problem-solving approach with knowledge in context
• Follow-up change to secure stakeholders buy-in