NGO Governance x Gender Perspective

Co-organized by HER Fund, Governance and Management for Excellence for Public Benefit (GAME) and Women’s Studies Research Centre, HKU

Whether you are a core member or an executive committee member of an advocacy group, a non-governmental or civil society organisation, a self-help group or a labour union, advocating changes and providing services are your No.1 priority. Yet, it is equally crucial for your group/organization to maintain effective and good governance as it will help achieve the group’s/organization’s vision and mission. A lack of good governance will, on the other hand, discredit the group/organization and impugn its goals, no matter how laudable. It may even drag itself into a whirlpool of legal issues. Additionally, incorporating gender perspective in your NGO governance will bring positive effects to your group/organization development and advance the social participation of women and marginalized groups!

Governance is a concept that encompasses a wide range of ideas. Within this concept, there is an emerging field of best practices that establish good governance as a pillar of effective organizations. This workshop is tailor-made for small and “start-up” non-profit groups/organizations. It focuses on the following themes and will be conducted by experts with vast experience in NGO governance:

1. Why do we need a Board/Executive Committee?
(Trainer: Ms. Christine Fang – GAME Founder and Director)
To introduce the basic principles of governance

2. What are the challenges facing Board/Executive Committee? To whom is it accountable?
(Trainer: Mr. Ng Hang-sau – Senior Consultant and Former Chief Executive Officer, the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation)
To examine governance strategies in light of different registration statuses of organizations and
groups, formal and informal. We will also explore the best practices in the effective
management of the expectations of funders, the public and the media.

3. What does it mean by governing a non-profit organization with gender perspective?
(Trainer: Ms. Mabel Au – Chairperson of Institute for Women Empowerment.)
To discuss why gender perspective is essential to NGO governance and how it helps advance social participation of women and marginalized groups.

Format: This workshop will be conducted in forms of interactive activities, including small group discussions, interactive exercises and case examination, facilitated by expert trainers, and industry specialists’ sharing and discussion. There will be extensive opportunities for participants to exchange, discuss and reflect on the current challenges facing them.

Date: 7 April, 2018 (Sat)
Time: 2-6pm
Venue: Room 724 & 725, 7/F, Cheng Yu Tung Building, HKU (HKU MTR Exit C1)
Target: Core members, board/ executive committee members and officers of local non-profit groups/organizations (Priority will be given to HER Fund’s grantee partners)
Quota: 30 people
Language: Cantonese (Simultaneous English Interpretation will be provided)
Deadline: 29 March 2018
Inquiries: 27941100 (Tel) / [email protected] (Email)